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Frequently Asked Questions

Vedic Kriya Yoga lineage

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What is a VKY intensive?

VKY Intensive for the Beginner

The intensive consists of taking one, two or more days off from a householder's life and practicing Vedic Kriya Yoga (VKY) as given by the guru, either at home or elsewhere. If the practitioner is very busy, is not used to performing the Yoga routine regularly twice a day or has smoking or drinking habits, the full benefit of the practice will probably not be realized. Also, if beginner is leading a stressful life, the normal practice takes a long time to yield results and prove itself to that person. The result could be a diminished faith in the practice. He or she may give up without any positive or dramatic proof of the benefits by his practice. I have a way to prevent this. In the intensive, the householder during his/her one or two days of spiritual vacation (intensive) will lead a very peaceful saintly life. The beginner will in those one or two days perform the VKY practice several times in the day interspersed with their favorite divine music or available divine video, leisurely walks or more strenuous exercise if athletically inclined. The diet will be vegetarian (fruits, juices) for those days (regular veggie or non-veggie diet will resume after the intensive). After each of the VKY sessions during the first day he/she will talk to me and describe the practice and experiences. I will see if he/she is practicing the Guru Pranam, Khechari, Navi, First Kriya, Yoni and Mahamudra correctly and make corrections where needed. Any mechanical process of performing the practice will be modified into a bliss (ananda) deriving meditation by certain suggestions I make. In the beginning, VKY is primarily performing a great assistance to the heart and lungs which is the most worked and abused machine of the body. The assistance in cleansing the venous or polluted blood by VKY translates into the release of prana for more healing activities throughout the body. This intensified purification of the body during the intensive produces intense peace, followed by love and ananda or bliss. Instructions will be given to access and maintain this when you return to active householder life. This is where you will stop the intensive.

VKY Intensive for the Advanced Practitioner

If he or she is an advanced yogi, the advanced practitioner will slow heart and lungs ever so blissfully during my intensive and store that ability in the mind. It may take three or four days of the intensive for the advanced yogi. An even more advanced yogi will go in a bear like hibernation (five to seven days). The purpose of all this is to perform the first stage Pratyahara and "establishing (Dha)" the "prana(r)" into the "guru chakra" in the medulla oblongata (ma), which is the true VKY meaning of performing the Dharma. The word "Kriya" Yoga comes from the true meaning of the Karma, which is "Ka (act of moving) the r(prana) into the ma (the third eye or the kutastha). Why do we do this act or Kriya? The entry into the Kutastha silences the material energy and takes us in the Sukshma loka (Astral or Indra loka). Then the silencing of the Indra loka process begins in the VKY and takes us into the causal space or the Brahma loka. From there to the Baikuntha-loka via the Swarg loka. Then the Witness (The Virat Rupa, Gita, Mahabharata) of the Lord, and final union (Yoga) which is the end result.

These concepts are not new. They can all be found in the Vedas and Gita and Lahiri showed the way. Please contact me to receive initiation into Vedic Kriya Yoga. There are a total of seven Kriya practices given by Lahiri to accomplish the union with the Lord for a householder. An advanced soul may be able to do it by the First Kriya alone as he has been at it for several lives. So try to know about your individual ability and practice Kriya faithfully under our lineage of gurus which goes back to Panchanon Bhattacharya and Lahiri Mahasaya.


Jai Guru!

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