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Ordained Kriya Gurus

Krishna Mohan Thompson-Singh

Krishna Mohan Thompson-Singh

Krishna Mohan Thompson-Singh is the son of Ashok Kumar Singh, a disciple of Maheshwari Prasad Dubey. He was born in 1987. When he was 11 years old, he received the first Kriya initiation from Dubeyji in 1998 in California.

Krishna continued practicing Kriya under his father’s guidance. By 2015 Krishna was initiated in all the advanced kriyas by his father Ashok K Singh. He was authorized to initiate others into Kriya Yoga by his father in 2017.

Following in the tradition of householder gurus established by Lahiri Mahasaya, Krishna is dedicated to initiating sincere seekers on a one-to-one basis into the original Kriya Yoga and guiding them to self-realization. He can be reached at: 310-817-3456 and

Forrest Knutson

Forrest Knutson

Forrest Knutson read of Lahiri Mahasaya and his Kriyayoga Pranakarma in "Autobiography of a Yogi" when he was 14. Applying as a SRF monastic at 17. During his time as a Postulant, cloistered in Encinitas, he discovered a system of biofeedback for meditation, which he would later write a book about. After 5 years of service he left the ashram to follow more closely Lahiri Baba's example and pursue the self-reliant life of a yogi-householder.

In his study of this Yogastra he has found the Sri Panchanon Bhattacharya lineages the most pure and faithful to the unparalleled genius and divinity that is Yogaraj Shyama Charan Lahiri Mahasaya; he is the Krishna of our times, and to meddle with that Charioteer's original council is to risk the loss of our own Kurushetra battle. It is with this internal guidance that Forrest sought out Sri Ashok Singh who has so perfectly preserved this transmission. Not a hollow instruction, but a living breath of fire handed from one guru to the next.

Forrest has been authorized to initiate others by Sri Ashok Singh. Following in this householder line, he is dedicated to initiating sincere seekers on a one-to-one basis into Lahiri Baba's original Kriya Yoga system and guiding them into non-dual bliss. He can be reached at:

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